Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Endorsements of These Editions

"This captivating tale of young adulthood and discovery helps illustrate what Newman later championed in his Idea of a University — the intellectual journey that leads to a "just estimate of all things," and the bearing of theology on "every other fact conceivable."  The protagonist's spiritual awakening amid the prejudices of 19th-century England, which mirrors Newman's own path, is wonderfully presented and helpfully interpreted for the modern reader in this new annotated edition."

Patrick J. Reilly, President
The Cardinal Newman Society


"More than a tale of early Christian heroism and romantic love, this helpfully annotated edition of Callista brings forth Newman's dedication to historical accuracy, the influence of his own experience of intolerance toward Roman Catholics in 19th-century England, and his pastoral sense of the virtues and passions which compete for dominion over the human mind and soul."

Patrict J. Reilly, President
The Cardinal Newman Society